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This Pub House in Chicago has various dishes to offer. They have lots of choices of food that come along with beer and other alcohol drinks. The place is clean as well. —Mitch 


This is my favorite pub house in Chicago. I love how their food is cooked the right way. You always want to have more of their dishes. The staff are all very attentive despite being busy serving a lot of customers.  



After a long tiring day at work, my colleagues and I decided to try this Pub House in Celtic because we are craving for Chicago dishes and we wanted a relaxing time. We were so happy to see the staff who were very welcoming in assisting us. The staff are all so polite that is why you may want to give them tips. 


I recommend this place for all the locals and tourists out there who may wish to go in this kind of place. Because aside from good services, the food is delicious as well and the prices are reasonable. We tried it once and we will definitely come back again soon. 



We visited this pub house during one of the American matches. During the game we ordered several finger foods, like sliders and fries. Although it was busy that day, the food was of perfect quality. It was very tasty! A perfect spot to watch the game and grab some food at the same time. Burgers and vodka are just a good combination!