We are the peddlers of awesome food, beers, sporting events and live music!

 Welcome everyone to our Celtic Crossings Chicago website!  


We are a pub house which offers American fare and an extensive beer selection. Our mantra is to provide good and tasty bar food and a cool vibe for all of our customers. Our pub house is the place to be in Chicago for any sporting events, live music shows, lunch, dinner or even a late-night dining. The warm ambiance is perfect for after work drinks.  


We used to be just a small pub house located in small flat with a contemporary garage door in Kingman in 2005, but now we’ve relocated to the Chicago area and grown into a bigger pub. We’re currently on our way to becoming a famous pub house all over the city. 


A pub house is a short word for public house which originated in the country of Ireland. A pub is very important in the Irish culture. The Irish do not typically just sit and watch television after dining in. Rather they tend to meet at a pub after work to relax and unwind. 


We know that most of us enjoy the nightlife, atmosphere and ambiance of a pub where we can relax and be ourselves while listening to any kind music or watching sport shows together with friends and family. Why not do that in our pub house in Chicago 


This is the reason why we have established the Celtic Crossings Chicago pub house as an original Irish pub. We are the peddlers of awesome food, beers, sporting events and live music! We are located on the corner of Celtic Crossings Chicago. It is Celtic’s newest dining destination and aims to bring all the fun and entertainment to Chicago. Our Pub House offers an astonishing menu and various arrays of alcohol selections. 


Have your local and international favorite beer brewers on rotation as well as domestic bottled beers always on hand. Heads off to the bar and try our signature cocktails, or our extensive beer selection. Savor our delicious new menu, the perfect accompaniment for your wine, beer, or cocktail while having fun in our pub house. 


We pride our burgers that will satisfy your wildest burger cravings. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your families and friends and have a burger throw-down. Whether it is protein, over-the-top grilled cheese, crunchy juicy fried chicken or healthy meat, name it, we have it. Plus, all our burgers are made with the freshest local ingredients and loaded with the Chicago soul! For those of you who are looking for gluten-free and vegan options, we also offer gluten-free buns and vege meat. We are serious when we say we’ve got the Best Burgers in Chicago.  


If you haven’t decided what time or day you want to dine in our pub house, contact us and our staff will help you figure out the most appropriate time and date. We can even reserve a special table for you. Just let us know. Come on reserve your table and experience the finest pub food that Chicago has to offer! We are open 7 days a week. Book your table now.