About Us 

 Thank you for stopping by here in our Celtic Crossings Chicago About us section. This is the way to know what and who are we in this business. 


The owner of the Celtic Crossings Chicago is strongly focused on bringing the original look and feel of an Irish pub from Kingman to Chicago. Of an Irish descent, Sean started as a sous chef in one of the famous gastro pubs in the country in year 2000 and worked his way up to secure a corporate role. After a while, he decided to pursue his own dream of establishing his own Irish pub. Everyday, even until today, he is the very first person in the kitchen as he continues to develop the dishes at Celtics Crossings Chicago, seeing to all aspects of the culinary program. This time being a pub house owner, he has earned accolades in numerous food magazines and TV shows in Chicago. 


Celtic Crossings Chicago is located in the West Town of Chicago. The owner’s mission was to build the perfect place for every person to relax, watch games and sports, whether big or small. While serving beer through a table tap technology, a 20-feet television screen is available for customers to catch all the sports games and action movies live. The Celtic Crossings Chicago has become the most reliable and consistent pub in West North, Chicago. It is the perfect destination for individuals of any age seeking delicious food, beverages, and warm and lively atmosphere.  


Celtic Crossings Chicago is divided into two lounges where the smokers and non-smokers can fit in the pub. The smoking area has a bar that serves extensive selections of alcohol drinks, and a huge TV screen. On the lounge is the non-smoking area with a fine selection of imported wine. 


Parking is free at same the streets around us. However, if there is a game schedule, parking may not available. If you want to reserve a pay parking slot, contact us.